Jag, foundation sire of our Drahthaar puppies

About Us

Breeding Goals

Paris vom Wasatch, one of our foundation females and a great, great dog.

We are a small, quality-focused breeding program stressing smart, easily-trained dogs with a calm nature, intelligence and solid conformation.

We believe in "blood" in that the dogs behind a puppy in their pedigree  provide their natural ability as much as their actual parents..  As a result, our Drahthaar puppies are "carefully bred".
We believe in true versatility which translates to a dog that has high drive in hunting situation but is a dog one can enjoy and be proud of in other situations too.  They need to be fun to own. Close bonding leads to great memories.

A Brief History

About 1998, one of my veterinary clients asked me to find him a dog that could do everything.  I replied that there wasn't such a dog but a long search discovered the Deutsch-Drahthaar. After hunting with my friend's dog, I purchased a puppy taking her through all the tests, became a VR (Performance Judge), served on the Board of Directors of our national breed club, VDD-GNA, and served as Breedwarden for the southeastern US, eventually beginning a small breeding program.

I am a graduate, licensed veterinarian in private practice. But, mostly , I am an old  worn-out hunter.

Buying a Puppy

 I don't like a long-winded sales pitch on a website, but if you have interest in a genuine VDD registered Drahthaar puppy, call me so we can talk.

I only sell to genuine hunters!  This breed is first of all, a hunting dog and they must go to good hunting homes.

I you have interest in a fine example of this special breed, give me a call.  I will have a short "interview" with you to determine your needs.  We will go from there.  Also, there's some good information on our Facebook page too . Price?  Puppies vary in price from $1850 to $2200 depending on their parents, stud fee paid, etc. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.


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Contact Us

You are welcome to visit our modest kennel, talk dogs, look at dogs and learn about this breed.

Martin Coffman DVM

22378 County Road 34, Saint Stephens, Alabama 36569, United States

(251) 533-6005

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